Valuation by email

  • Please fill this online form including all the information you may know about the object (measurements, provenance, how did you acquire the piece...).
  • You can submit a picture by clicking first on "Browse..."
  • then on "Upload".
  • Eventually click on the "Send" button to submit your request.

You can also send your valuation request by email

Valuation by regular mail

Please send us pictures and description of your object(s) by regular mail at : BERNARD DE GRUNNE
180 Avenue Franklin Roosevelt
B-1050 Brussels

Valuations by email or by regular mail are only indicative.

The correct valuation and authenticity of a piece can only be provided once it will have been examined at Galerie Bernard de Grunne.

Appraisals at Galerie Bernard de Grunne by appointment will allow you to have a fnal exact valuation of the object.

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