The art store Artcurial was founded in 1970 by François Dalle, C.E.O. of L'Oreal. In partnership with the Dassault family, Nicolas Orlowski purchased Artcurial from L'Oreal and made it into an auction house. Artcurial then moved to its prestigious Hotel Dassault , 7 Rond Point des Champs Elysées in 2002. Artcurial rapidly become the premier auction house in France. Francis Briest, its founding partner added Hervé Poulain and Rémy Le Fur in 2003 and François Tajan in 2005.

Artcurial organizes more than 100 auctions a year with the help of more than 20 experts and specialists. Bernard de Grunne become the head of its Tribal Art department since the historic auction of the Olga Carré Collection in 2002 and twelve Tribal art auction have taken place since.

Artcurial, Briest, Poulain, F. Tajan is affiliated with International Auctioneers, a consortium of 8 auction houses around the world and has opened an office Artcurial China in Shangai in 2008

  • Collection Liuba et Ernesto Wolf, Art Tribal

    December 12, 2012

  • Artcurial, Art Tribal

    June 10, 2008

  • Artcurial, Art Tribal

    December 6, 2006

  • Artcurial, Art Tribal & Art Précolombien

    June 19, 2006

  • Artcurial, Art Tribal, documentation et art Précolombien

    December 5, 2005

  • Artcurial, Art Tribal

    June 7, 2005

  • Artcurial, Art Tribal / Précolombien

    December 8, 2003

  • Artcurial, Art Tribal

    Juli 2, 2003

  • Artcurial, Art Tribal

    December 11, 2002

  • Ventes Publiques

    May 11, 2000

  • Art Primitif

    April 26, 1997

  • Drouot-Richelieu

    June 26, 1996