The Museum Rietberg Zürich, La Kunst und Ausstellungshall der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bonn and the Nieuwe Kerk from Amsterdam are curating together a major exhibition entitled "African Masters - Traditional Sculptures from West Africa" presenting masterpieces from the Ivory Coast and neighborhood countries. The show will shed new light of the role of the artist in the context of an african culture by exhibiting more than 150 selected masterpieces from private collections and majors museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and the Musée des civilisations of Ivory Coast.

The main focus is to present wonderful works of art from the best artists, for the most part anonymous in a context which is similar to that of our great Western Masters from Michel-Angelo to Picasso. Another focus of the show is to demonstrate the fluidity of ethnic boundaries and regions from a stylistic point of view and to analyse the results of the research of contemporary artists.

The concept of the exhibition has been elaborated by Dr. Lorenz Homberger, curator of African Art at the Rietberg Museum. DR Wolfger Stumpfe from the Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle is the main curator.

A catalogue ( approx. 220 pages, 300 photos; with essays by Dabiela Bognolo, Eberfard Fischer, Bernard de Grunne, Monica Blackmun Visona and Lorenz Homberger) will be published.