Parcours des Mondes is one of the most important Tribal art market event of the year. For its 16th edition, and as per every year Bernard de Grunne will be back at Galerie Patrice Trigano from 12 to 17 September 2017.

We invite you to discover a focused exhibition based on a specific style of the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo: Luba Hemba Cariatides.

An essay on these powerful symbols of the Luba and Hemba Kingdoms will be published in a catalogue, to be released in exclusivity for the preview day on Tuesday 12 September.
This publication tells us about the historical evolution of these royal stools, from the most ancient prototype styles to the kneeling and standing caryatid and atlantes styles. These thrones are considered as prestigious objects, they were mostly used for rituals, representing the strength and the power. According to F. Neyt, this Luba caryatid stool (Fig.1) “strengthens the idea of power. It shows the relation between heaven and earth. It confirms the authority of the installed Chief.” The hands elevated towards the sky represents the connection between the human beings and the dead ancestors, the spiritual world. “This carved work of art also shows the Hemba’s Northern cultural refinement. It is source of beauty and seduction.” Some works of art (such as Fig.2) were qualified as “Disneyesque” by William Fagg (Keeper of the Anthropology Department at the Bristish Museum from 1969 to 1974) when he describes the unusual size amplification of the carved hands, which is a formal innovation in comparison with the classical style. A selection of important chosen objects from Classical African, Indonesian and Oceanic Art will be on view alongside with this thematic exhibition.


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