Sakalava souls catchers

  • Parcours des Mondes 2018

  • Drinking cup from the Kuba tribe

  • Massim spatula by "The Master of the Prominent Eyes"

  • Ancient Dayak sculpture, Borneo, Indonesia

  • A very special Bulul, Ifugao tribe, Northern Philippines

  • Highly stylised human figure of an ivory spoon from Boa, Northern Congo

  • Stunning small sized black uli from New Ireland

  • A rare Janus Kota from gabon

  • One of the most elegant ancient Gouro/Bete mask

  • BRAFA 2018

  • Bamileke Royal Couple

  • The Three Graces:
    From Pompeii to the Makonde

  • Parcours de Mondes 2017
    Focus Luba Hemba Cariatides

  • @TEFAF Maastricht 2017:
    Sepik - Kandimbong

  • Galerie de Grunne @Tefaf 2017
    Figures d'ancêtres de la région côtière du Bas Sepik

  • TEFAF Maastricht 2017
    Meet the Expert Bernard de Grunne

  • BRAFA Art Fair 2017 – Pende and Yaka masks

  • MANDE Trésors Millénaires

  • TEFAF 2016
    Bernard de Grunne presents the Baule collection

  • Rewriting art history: Dayak tribal art

  • A trained eye

  • The concept of art in tribal Africa